October 31, 2008

PA Assn. of Environmental Educators. Ruth Ruperti, President of PAEE, provides an overview of the Association, it's objectives and benefits. The video also provides highlights of the PAEE 2008 Environmental Education Conference. For more information, visit the PAEE website.

October 7, 2008

How The Miller Farm Protects Its Watershed. Learn how the Miller Farm in Adams County protects its watershed and the Chesapeake Bay by installing best management practices to prevent nutrients and sediments running off the land in this production by the GreenTreks Network, Inc.
For more information, visit the StormwaterPA website and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation/PA webpage and browse these resources for farm and landowner conservation.

www.iConservePA.org Election Candidate Montrell talks about water resource protection, water quality indicators, water conservation and his involvement in activities involving his school's wetland.
Vote for watershed protection, vote for Montrell in the "Elect To Conserve" initiative by going to this webpage.

October 1, 2008

Special iConservePA.org Election Coverage. Put off by that divisive and nasty national election? Watch this special CNN* news coverage by Cooper Anderson 180 to learn how you can be part of a creative "special election" on the iConservePA.org website by voting for your favorite environmental candidates in the "Elect to Conserve" campaign.
Voters will be eligible to win a home composter or a rain barrel. The winning Pennsylvania environmental program will receive a $5,000 grant. (When did voting in a real election get you anything like that!)
To vote, visit the 2008 Elect To Conserve webpage.
Click here to watch more election coverage by CNN's Cooper Anderson.
This message "approved" by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
*Conservation News Network, of course.

Climate Change Impacts in PA. John Walliser, PA Environmental Council, talks about a new Union of Concerned Scientists report on potential global warming impacts on Pennsylvania and PEC's Climate Change Roadmap for Pennsylvania at a press conference in Harrisburg.
Watch these other presentations from the press conference:
Lance Pierce, Union of Concerned Scientists Climate Program Director
Ray Najjar, Penn State Associate Professor of Meterorology and Geosciences
Shelby Fleischer, Penn State University Professor of Entomology
Donna Cooper, Secretary of Policy and Planning