January 27, 2010

Trout in the Classroom. Trout in the Classroom is an environmental education program in which students learn about coldwater conservation while raising brook trout from eggs to fingerlings in a classroom aquarium.
During the year each teacher tailors the program to fit his or her curricular needs. Therefore, each program is unique. TIC has interdisciplinary applications in science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, fine arts, and physical education.
Most programs end the year by releasing their trout in a state-approved waterway.
In Pennsylvania, this program is run by the PA Council of Trout Unlimited, the Fish and Boat Commission and the Department of Education with project grants given to local Trout Unlimited Chapters. Applications for the 2010-11 TIC Program are due from local chapters by February 26.
Watch this GreenLifePA Video presentation.

RiverQuest Provides On-Water Environmental Education Experiences. RiverQuest is a non-profit educational organization that operates a river learning center for students, teachers and the community of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
RiverQuest programs engage students of all ages in hands-on learning while exploring Pittsburgh's Three Rivers. The rivers themselves are at the center of RiverQuest's education program.
A newly constructed state-of-the art green educational vessel, Explorer, arrived in Pittsburgh in late 2008 and began full service in 2009.
RiverQuest's educational philosophy is familiar and time-tested: Tell me, I'll forget; Show me, I might remember; Involve me, I'll understand.
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January 11, 2010

Create A Backyard Habitat. Audubon Pennsylvania is an organization that looks to conserve and restore natural ecosystems around the state of Pennsylvania. This organization, through different strategies, aims to preserve the wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.
This Green Life PA video tells how Audubon reaches out to volunteers to help preserve the natural environment that we all share. They look to schools and other public places to help spread the growth and preservation of natural ecosystems. Audubon also educates “connecting people with nature” by developing a network of Audubon Centers and using proven and innovative education programs to promote a lifelong conservation ethic.
Audubon Pennsylvania’s mission of conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, wildlife, and their habitats helps to shapes the Commonwealth’s conservation agenda.
Learn more at Audubon Pennsylvania.

Babb Creek And Pine Creek Watershed Restoration Success. Abandoned Mine Drainage caused high metal levels and low pH in Babb Creek, creating toxic conditions for trout and macroinvertebrates. The Department of Environmental Protection added three segments of Babb Creek to the state's Clean Water Act section 303(d) list in 1996 for impairments due to metals and in 2002 for impairments due to pH.
DEP also added one segment of Pine Creek to the impaired waters list in 1998. Stakeholders have worked to restore the creek for nearly two decades by installing active and passive AMD treatment systems.
Water quality has improved and now meets standards, so DEP plans to remove the three impaired segments of Babb Creek's mainstem from the state's 2010 CWA section 303(d) list for metals and pH. DEP removed the impaired Pine Creek segment from the 303(d) list in 2002.
Watch this Green Life PA video and see how it was done. Click here for EPA success story article.

January 7, 2010

PPL Energy Efficiency Video Contest. PPL Electric Utilities is sponsoring a video contest on energy efficiency entitled, "Change A Little, Save A Lot." Entries are due January 15.
More than $15,000 in prizes will be awarded, including a $5,000 Sears gift card as first prize.
In addition, the first 50 customers who enter will receive an energy-efficient power strip that automatically powers down appliances under certain conditions to save energy and money.
Winners will be announced in late January, and the winning videos will be featured on the company's Video Center. The Video Center displays some of the company's favorite YouTube videos about energy efficiency.
Customers must be at least 18 years old to enter. Videos must be between 30 seconds and three minutes long. Click here for more information.