February 22, 2010

Value Of Streamside Forests. Studies by internationally acclaimed Stroud Water Research Center have shown that healthy forests bordering streams not only prevent numerous pollutants from reaching the water, but also multiply the stream’s natural ability to cleanse itself of pollutants that do make their way into the water.
On a small farm that is typical of many in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, scientists have demonstrated that a treatment train approach that applies a series of best management practices in with a forested buffer is very effective in protecting the water quality in a small stream.
Watch this StormwaterPA video to understand the lessons learned that have broad implications for the future of the Chesapeake Bay.

February 5, 2010

DCNR Green Camping Tips. Escape the winter blahs by planning that next camping trip, but with a low-impact twist. In this video, DCNR program coordinator Rob Neitz is your host for an overview of a model green campsite featured at this year’s Farm Show. Click here for green camping tips at PA State Parks. Visit iConservePa.org for more ideas on how you can protect the environment.

February 2, 2010

Bear Run Nature Reserve, is located in Fayette County in the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. Over 5,000 acres are being managed to protect, conserve and restore land and water for the diversity of the region’s native plants, animals, and their ecosystems.
Learn about this unique corner of Pennsylvania by watching this Green Life PA video. Visit the Bear Run Nature Reserve webpage.

Think Spring! Think Natives! Native plants are much different than any other plants. Not only do native plants provide benefits to the environment as a whole, they also provide value to you and your backyard.
Because Pennsylvania’s native plants are meant to grow here, they thrive with less maintenance, thereby reducing the need to water and fertilize them. They also serve as pollinators, attract wildlife, and reduce other unwanted species.
Watch this Green Life PA video for an introduction to native plants for your next landscaping project. Click here to learn more about native plants on iConservePa.org.
Click here to watch a second video on native plants from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.