March 19, 2013

Learn How SRBC Assesses Impacts Of Water Withdrawals

You can now learn how the Susquehanna River Basin Commission assesses the impacts of water withdrawals by Marcellus Shale drilling operators and other major water users through a new online video.

Matt Shank, an SRBC Aquatic Biologist, describes how the Commission conducts its aquatic resource survey of biological, chemical and physical data to evaluate water withdrawals.
This is one of several videos produced by SRBC to educate the public on water resource issues.

March 4, 2013

LandStudies Lititz Run Restoration Tour

LandStudies, Inc. and its partners recently conducted a tour of Lititz Run Watershed Restoration Projects in Lancaster County to illustrate the value of natural restoration project designs at different stages of installation and development.
          LandStudies pioneered the concept of Floodplain Restoration techniques which gets at the root many erosion and sedimentation and nutrient runoff problems.  These techniques not only improve water quality and effectively deal with stormwater management issues, but offer a source nutrient and other credits for sale to wastewater plants and developers.
         LandStudies organizes customized tours like this for organizations interested in effective watershed restoration projects.  Contact Mark Gutshall by sending email to: or visit the Landstudies, Inc. website.

January 4, 2013

Harry Campbell, CBF Senior Scientist On Chesapeake Bay Health

Watch an interview with Harry Campbell, a Senior Scientist with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation based in Harrisburg, on the State of the Bay report issued by CBF on January 2.  
The interview touches on the health of the Chesapeake Bay, the status of efforts to cleanup the Bay in Pennsylvania and across the watershed and related issues such as Marcellus Shale drilling, the budget challenges facing Pennsylvania and the hands-on efforts of CBF to help farmers and others reduce nutrient loads to the land and streams.
The interview was conducted on Skype.