November 11, 2009

Dimock, Pa Pays Price For Gas Drilling. In the Dimock area of Susquehanna County, the drinking water well of a 66-year-old retired nurse exploded earlier this year after methane seeped into her water supply and those of eight other homes.
Drillers in this area were fined $56,650 by the state in September after three spills of drilling chemicals into a stream caused a fish kill and damaged wetlands.
The drilling company "made us think we were all going to get rich," said the Dimock resident, Norma Fiorentino. "But they didn't say anything about our land being ruined or my water being ruined."
On November 4 DEP and Cabot reached agreement to prevent natural gas migration and restore water in over 9 square miles in the Dimock area. Click here for more on Marcellus Shale drilling from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.