December 13, 2006

Conservation Consulting Firm - Biomost and Kyle Durrett

Conservation Consulting Firm: Biomost is the Consulting Firm that completed the District’s study and report on the Raccoon Creek Restoration Project that was funded by Growing Greener. The original intent of the grant was to study the Erie Mine discharge and Plum Run discharge in Burgettstown and make recommendations for how to attempt to treat these discharges.

Kyle Durrett and Biomost looked imaginatively beyond the strict scope of the study and studied the various mine pools involved and how the pools interacted with one another. Kyle and Biomost also worked with Bruce Leavitt, an independent Geologist and Engineer that was looking at the interaction of mine pools through a grant from West Virginia University.

As a result of this detailed work, the Biomost team - Margaret Dunn, Tim Danehy, Shaun Busler and Cliff Denholm-- were able to propose a reclamation plan called “ELF.”

This system would collect five major mine pools in the Burgettstown area and treat close to 2,000 gallons per minute of contaminated mine water and return it to Raccoon Creek minus most of the contaminates cleaning up almost all of the major discharges in the Raccoon Creek watershed.

Biomost and Stream Restoration Inc. are now working with the District to seek grants to implement the findings in this study.

Washington County Conservation District Awards Luncheon December 12, 2006.

For more information, contact the Washington County Conservation District by sending email to: or calling 724-228-6774.