December 13, 2006

Conservation Organization Vicky Michaels and the Independence Marsh Foundation

Conservation Organization: Vicky Michaels and the Independence Marsh Foundation have been an irreplaceable asset to the conservation district. If it were not for Vicky and her Marsh Foundation the JB#2 Abandoned Mine Treatment Facility would not exist. They volunteered to accept the land donation from the Sasso Estate when no one else would step up to the plate. This allowed the District to build the treatment system.

They have continued to assist the District with the maintenance and repair not only of the JB#2 system, but also the other two systems the District and the Raccoon Creek Watershed Association maintain. Vicky has provided the construction site supervision for both the Hamilton AMD project and the JB#2 AMD project including the present emergency repair efforts.

Vicky and her Independence Marsh Foundation have also applied for and received grants to improve the environmental study center at the Burgettstown School District campus and assisted with the Children’s Groundwater Festival.

The Marsh Foundation has helped many communities with used tire cleanups using their tire sheer to cut the tires up and pack them into dumpsters to be taken to landfills. The latest tire collection was held in Hanover Township, Washington County.

Washington County Conservation District Awards Luncheon December 16, 2006

For more information, contact the Washington County Conservation District by sending email to: or calling 724-228-6774.