January 8, 2007

Good stream corridor management has a variety of benefits to farmers and the environment, including providing wildlife habitat, preventing erosion and sedimentation into streams helping aquatic life, improving property values and aesthetics, and improving the health of livestock and dairy cattle.

Dave Keller, from the Fish and Boat Commission, talks about these benefits to farmers attending the 2007 Farm Show.

The Commission’s display features before and after photos of a farm along the Little Lehigh Creek in Berks County and the positive benefits of proper stream corridor management. A recent article in the Commission’s Angler & Boater magazine chronicles these benefits.

For more information, visit the Trees for Streams Programs of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Follow the progress of the proposed Resource Enhancement and Protection Act proposal in the General Assembly that would provide tax credits to farmers and other landowners who install forested stream buffers and other best management practices.