January 7, 2007

Master Well Owner Network. There are over 978,000 wells providing over 3 million people with their drinking water in Pennsylvania. More than 10,000 new wells are drilled every year.

Unlike public water systems, there are no regulations that establish standards for the construction or operation and maintenance of wells. There are no requirements for testing water that comes from wells to make sure it is safe to drink. These responsibilities fall on the owner of the well.

The Master Well Owner Network was created by the Penn State Extension Service to provide well owners with advice on how to keep their wells safe from contamination and maintain them properly.

Rick Grant, is a member of the Master Well Owner Network is one of more than 240 volunteers that have taken on the task of educating well owners. He talks about the Network and how you can protect your well against contamination at the 2007 Farm Show.

For copies of informative publications on wells or to contact a member of the Master Well Owner Network in your area, visit the Master Well Owner Newtork webpage.