September 21, 2007

Karl Thomas, of RiverQuest (formerly Pittsburgh Voyager), talks about their on-the-river approach to environmental education that includes three different kinds of boats that soon will include the world’s first green-designed passenger vessel The Explorer during the 2007 Ohio River Watershed Celebration.
Margaret Dunn, Stream Restoration, Inc., talks about the importance of partnerships and watershed volunteers
Dennis Tubbs, Fish & Boat Commission, talks about the dramatic improvement in water quality in the Pittsburgh Region.
Thurman Korns, Wells Creek Watershed Association, provides an update on their activities in the display area.
Joel Anne Swelthelm, Audubon's Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, talks about dock-side environmental education programs.
Tim Danehy, Biomost, Inc., talks about how he got interested in working on cleaning up abandoned mine drainage.
Ohio River Watershed Celebration sights and sounds montage.